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  • Jeremey Washington

Understanding Workplace Risk is The First Step Protecting Employees, Customers & Business Partners

Workplace crime and violent crimes in particular are threats that all businesses should incorporate in their risk assessment. As you and your team assess business and physical risks with your organization, you may want to explore the following:

  • Consider how early or late are your employees and customers accessing your business.

  • Assess the crime rate in your area.

  • Understand employee concerns regarding domestic threats.

  • Properly assess the risk if your business is in a retail, industrial or entertainment settings.

  • Monitor hate speech & communications at and nearby your business.

  • Increase your risk assessment if alcohol is sold at or nearby your facility.

  • Rate your physical access controls in place.

As part of an ongoing risk plan, your team can build a mitigation plan to thwart crime, protect employees, and improve your customer and partner base. Perimeter Security Services has expertise in assessing workplace risks and can provide consultation services to improve your safety profile. Contact Perimeter Security Services for more information on how we can secure your business today.

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