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Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Service

Dallas-Fort Worth Based, Texas Proud

We Create Safety Zones Across Texas.™

24 x 7 x 365

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Our Mission & Focus

Since our founding in 2015, our mission remains focused on providing highly-trained security guards that establish safety zones for our clients. By mitigating crime and security risks, our customers enjoy customized private security services and a trusted business relationship with our company. 

Importantly, our customers find that our by private security services improves customer confidence, reduces risk, improves safety, and cultivates an environment that facilitates business growth. 

Based in Dallas, and specializing in Texas regional area private security services, we offer armed & unarmed licensed security guards across Texas 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and provide security officers for both commercial & public sector customers. We are certified MBD, SBE, SDB, AABE & Title X 1702 Compliant. 

Our security concentrations surround:

  • Creating Weapon Free Safety Zones

  • Crime Mitigation De-escalation

  • Perimeter Crime Prevention

  • Improving Customer & Employee Safety

  • Conducting Threat & Crime Assessments

  • Active Shooter & Contingency Planning

We offer customized private security services include options for unarmed and armed security guards. Our security guards are experienced, trained, and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Our areas of specializations include:

  • Commercial & Retail Centers

  • Commercial & Public Sector Construction

  • Commercial Residential & HOA

  • Industrial, Logistics, & Shipping Facilities

We customize each customer's security plan and offer a complementary security analysis. Our standard security services are provided by either armed or unarmed security guards.

Our security guard services include:

  • Same Day Dispatch Service

  • Marked Security Patrols Vehicles

  • Theft & Crime Prevention

  • Fire Watch & Safety Services

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Alarm Response

  • Mitigating Threats Made to Employees & Facilities

  • Loss Prevention (LPO) Support

  • Logistics Security Planning

  • GPS Based Officer Reporting

  • Law Enforcement & EMS Coordination

  • AED, CPR & TABC Certified Officers Available  

Our allied security partnerships with strategic vendors allow us to practically fulfill any subcontracting assignment.

Let's begin a conversation about how your business can grow by creating a more secure environment and ask us about our no obligation security analysis.

Perimeter Security Services
(214) 577-4911
5409 N Jim Miller Rd 
Suite 235B
Dallas, Texas 75227

Title X Chapter 1702 Compliant
Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security License # B19901

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